Oh no! The evil Salt Lord kidnapped all Babyccinos from the Coffling village and turned you into a savory snack! Get to the top of the Salt Castle and defeat him.

Your body can't take that much salt, so your moves are limited!

The game was made in 7 days for the 7DRL Challenge 2022. It combines a rogue-like with simple puzzle mechanics. The newest/updated version of the game is play in browser. You can download the original game jam version below.


Music and sound design by Max Nattrass (Website, Bandcamp, Twitter), Graphic design by Fruit-Punch (Itch), Game design and coding by Lunar-Wire (Twitter).

How to play

Use either the mouse or WASD/arrow keys to move. 1-3/PCF keys or click to use potions. Press R to instantly restart your run.

Bump into enemies to attack.

Watch your step limit and reach the top!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withAppGameKit, Audacity, Aseprite
TagsCasual, Cute, Dungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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this game is really fun

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked it :)


Congratulations on beating Snacky Tower, TigerJ!


Thanks for sharing! One day you will conquer Snacky Tower! Good luck with your LD entry.

Damn, I was so close to complete the game. I won't give up though. Great game! :)

Thanks for checking out Snacky Tower, Tomolo!

I appreciate seeing the theoretical babycinnos finally. This is a solid proc gen puzzler.

Oh yeah, the relief finally seeing a Babyccino showing up! It was really fun to watch your runs and I'm looking forward to your next Saturday stream. Thanks for sharing the video.

This movement + rock/paper/scissors idea is a neat mechanic. It looks really nice too. I died by arriving to the last level with only 4 steps remaining, I’m going in again, wish me luck this time!

Hah! I know the feeling, the Babyccinos let you down! Thanks for trying Snacky Tower! I'm working on an update with potions, teleports and floor skips to make your next journey hopefully a success. I plan to have it out this week. Until then: good luck!


Hey! The new update is out, if you want to try it :)

Excellent work! great game and every time I think of it I get hungry. I am excited to see your update(s)


Thanks for checking out Snacky Tower and for sharing your video! I had a really fun time during your stream and I'm looking forward to the one today.

The first time I didn't see the steps counter and couldn't understand what is the difficulty of the game. But still it was too nice to drop it and I continued til the last floor.

Sweet game!

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you enjoyed it. I've been working on an update to feature the step counter more prominently.

It works on a very simple set of rules, yet still it's quite interesting and re-playble. Great work!


Thanks for taking the time and leaving your feedback. I enjoyed your game as well!