Bird Watch was made in about 72 hours for the 99 Mini Game Jam. You need to keep moving to escape the crazy bird watchers! You can set a seed for a board and keep practicing or you can discover endless new ones.

How to Play

Use the left mouse button to select a bird and move it in the respective chess pattern. You do not have to move every bird on your turn, press Space to advance prematurely. Right click/click on an empty tile deselects a bird. Have fun!


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Epic game! very clean, nice art style and idea, perfect music!

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comment on the jam page, too!

Man, i have a lot to say, the game is amazng, the art is simple but really great, the mechanics are beutiful and that smooth sounds, i really love that, i like that is difficulty the game, and thats fun, i need to donwload this :D

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your time with Bird Watch. There are some minor updates planned after the jam, stay tuned. Thanks for checking it out!

I swear I recognize some of the music from a math game I used to play. 

It was made by Matthew Pablo. What's the name of the game? I loved Math Blaster as a kid. It was awesome!

It was a game you could play in your browser and was sort of like an MMO. I forgot the name, though.

That was so hectic but so fun! The art, animation, gameplay and sounds are so well done for so little time. Great work!

Thanks for taking the time to play Bird Watch. Glad to hear you liked it!

I loved this! great concept, fun gameplay and appealing art!

Thanks for playing Bird Watch! Happy to hear you enjoyed your time with it.


This was fun! I understood very quickly what I needed to do, and the timer made it pretty challenging to think quickly and get out of the way.

The tutorial was well done - short and to the point. The music also fit really well!

Well done :)

Thank you for your feedback and for trying out my game!